A world of acidic clouds and oppressive atmospheric pressure, Venus nonetheless represents one of transhumanity’s best hopes of rebuilding in the solar system. References: EP 89-90, SW 24-43

  • Aphrodite Prime: The center for Venusian tourism and a major research hub for testing transgenic Venusian species. References: EP 90, SW 35-36
  • Deep Reach: Aerostat controlled by Omnicor, floating very close to the surface and connected to the Far Reach II habitat in orbit. References: SW 37,38
  • Etemenanki: A reverse-ziggurat aerostat still allied with the Planetary Consortium and home to a number of hyperelite families. References: SW 37
  • Lucifer: The aerostat primarily responsible for surface mining, designed to operate at significantly lower altitudes than other aerostats. References: SW 36
  • Machu Picchu: A somewhat chaotic aerostat where governance is randomly rotated. References: SW 37
  • Octavia: The political capital of the Morningstar Constellation and the most successful of the Venusian aerostats. References: EP 90, SW 34-35
  • Parvarti: One of only two independent aerostats, Parvarti is a den of vices and sexual fantasies. References: SW 36-37, BN 2-11.
  • Selenis: A nanosocialist experiment aerostat which offers its resources freely to residents. References: SW 37
  • The Shack: A massive aerostat, the largest on Venus but with the smallest population, where other aerostats are constructed and launched. References: SW 36
  • Shukra: A hypercorps-run aerostat home to a bustling programming industry. References: SW 37

Venusian Orbit

  • Cythera: The orbital site of major terraforming research, as well as creating transgenics that can survive in the current Venusian atmosphere. References: SW 39
  • Far Reach II: The largest private station in Venusian orbit, owned by Omnicor and conducting chemical research using data gathered by the Deep Reach aerostat. References: SW 38
  • Frostfire: Morningstar station responsible for the distribution of ice asteroids from farther out in the solar systems which are seeded into the atmosphere for terraforming. References: SW 39
  • Thought: Torus habitat in Venusian orbit controlled by Cognite and the site of cutting-edge AI research. References: SW 38
  • Gerlach: An independent O’Neill cylinder allied with the autonomists which forms an important flex-point for Inner System politics. References: EP 90, SW 37-38


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