The techno-socialists of the Titanian Commonwealth are the only members of the Autonomist Alliance with a formal government, making them as important a link to the Inner System as the Extropians. References: EP 106-107, SW 90-109.

  • Aarhus: The first transhuman colony on Titan, this city remains important as a northern settlement and the site of Titan Autonomist University. References: EP 106, SW 106-107.
  • Huvudskär: A small methane/ethane processing station maintained by the hulder of the Titanian wilderness. References: RW 109.
  • Longueil: Headquarters of the French Canadian separatist movement. References: RW 109.
  • New Quebec: The third-largest Titanian city has a reputation for being the most dangerous, but it is also the center for transplanted French-Canadian culture. References: EP 106, SW 107-109.
  • Nyhavn: This large domed settlement is the most important in the Commonwealth and the largest transhuman settlement rimward of Mars. References: EP 107, SW 104-106.
  • Stykkishólmur: This settlement is known primarily for its celebration of viking heritage and the longboats it creates to sail on the methane lakes. References: RW 109.

Titanian Orbit

  • Commonwealth Hub: In synchronous orbit above Nyhavn, this station is the most common destination for transport off-world. References: RW 109.
    Mankell: Important manufacturing and media hub for Titanian culture. References: RW 109.
  • Phoebe, Skathi, and Abramsen: These moons were moved into a closer orbit and packed with armaments to protect Titan from invasion. References: EP 107, SW 109.


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