The closest and largest planet dominated by the Autonomist Alliance, Saturn is best known for its rings where tens of thousands of small planetary bodies swirl. References: EP 102-107, RW 68-87.

The Swarm

The rings and small moons of Saturn are its best-known feature and also its most populated. References: RW 70

  • Atlas (Volkograd): This beehive mining colony is controlled by the Volkov hypercorp which has a strained relation with its indentured workers. References: EP 103, RW 70.
  • Bright: On this station, the inhabitants are devoted to drastically increasing their mental abilities and pushing forward with cutting-edge research no matter what direction it leads in. References: RW 71-72.
  • Dione: Home to the Long Array, Dione is a major communications hub. References: EP 103, RW 73-74
    • Thoroughgood: This joint colony makes use of the Long Array for a variety of projects, each one depending on the Autonomist faction backing it. References: EP 103, RW 74.
  • Enceladus: This small moon within the outermost ring of Saturn is a known for the cryovolcanoes which erupt with water-ice slush. References: EP 103, RW 74-75
    • Profunda: The most prosperous non-Commonwealth habitat, the archano-capitalist inhabitants here all own a portion of Profunda Corp. References: EP 103, RW 74-75
  • Epimethus and Janus (Twelve Commons): A neighborhood based around the two icy moons, now home to over six million transhumans. References: EP 103, RW 86-
    • DIY Shipyards: A construction platform is operated by a worker’s syndicate which takes on interesting projects for those willing to trade rep. Refences: 86-87.
    • Fornjot: Remote moonlet that serves as the research base for the Naos hypercorp on Luna. References: TBA 3,15-33.
    • Janus Commons: A large hab of chemists and thespians. References: RW 87.
    • Long Haul: The anarchist inhabitants of this habitat work to liberate indentures and infomorphs from hypercorp colonies. References: RW 87.
    • Nguyen’s Compact: This Cole bubble features a series of interior bubbles with tunnels to connect them. References: RW 87.
    • Red Emma’s Dance: This mobile, rail-mounted colony is dedicated to creative expression in a dazzling array of forms. References: RW 87.
    • Small Majesties: The artists here have decorated their home with a broad array of nanoscale artwork. References: RW 87.
  • Gateway (Pandora): The location of the original Pandora gate is also the most freely-accessible of the interstellar gateways. References: EP 104, RW 80-81, GC 60-63
  • Hyperion: This chaotic moon is very dangerous to land on and remains uninhabited. References: EP 104
  • Iapetus: This once successful refuge has been transformed by the TITANs into a massive matrioshka brain. References: EP 104, RW 75-77
  • Kiviuq: The Kiviuq Monastery is a has a single common buidling and fields open to the vacuum for quiet contemplation. References: RW 77.
  • Meathab: Reviled and celebrated depending on whom you ask, Meathab is part engineering marvel, part artistic statement, and all flesh. References: EP 104, RW 77-78.
  • Mimas: This small icy moon has a half dozen different colonies on it. References: EP 104, RW 78-79
    • Harmonious Anarchy: A Taoist, collectivist, anarchist colony which announced its independence from Fa Jing 14 years ago to pursue Extropian lifestyle. References: RW 78-79
  • Norse, Inuit, and Gallic Moonlets: References: EP 104
  • Pan: Saturn’s innermost shepherd moon, uninhabited except for the simulspace iZulu colony. References: EP 104-105, RW 79-80.
    • iZulu: This colony has a significant infomorph population in an idealized simulspace of Sub-Saharn Africa, though it is still a paupers’ village. References: RW 79-80.
  • Prometheus: A minor icy moon controlled by the Titanians. References: EP 105, RW 81-83.
    • Marseilles: This experimental facility of the Commonwealth with more than a few scientific secrets. References: EP 105, RW 81-83.
  • Rhea: Saturn’s second-largest moon doesn’t have much going on, but is still an important location in the system. References: EP 105, RW 83-85.
    • Kronos Cluster: This spaceport is a strange conglomeration of anarchists, Extropians, and ultimate mercenary security forces, and not a stable one. References: EP 105, RW 83-85.
  • Salah: This Hamilton cylinder is a haven for Muslims, though the clash between Inner- and Outer-System politics among the population might spell trouble. References: RW 85.
  • Tethys: This mid-sized moon and its co-orbital partners are a small collectivist community that interacts through the mesh. References: EP 105-106, RW 86.
    • Godwinhead: Built around the transport ship Caleb Williams that brought the original settlers, this hab is now a model anarchist community. References: EP 106, RW 86.


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