The furthest planet out, Neptune’s residents are by definition reclusive. Which also means they have plenty of secrets. References: EP 108-109, RW 126-133

  • Glitch: A colony purely made of infomorphs who revel in their unsual existence. References: EP 108, RW 128-129.
  • Jacques: An extremely secretive Neptunian aerostat rumored to be even deeper than Mushroom and even more paranoid. References: RW 127.
  • Mahogany: This colony inhabited only by neo-avians sets the standard for uplift habitats. References: EP 109, PO 138, RW 129
  • Mushroom: This habitat is filled with the extremely paranoid and is located hellishly deep in Neptune’s atmosphere. References: RW 127.
  • Proteus: This small icy moon has nothing much going on besides the secretive habitat of Free. References: EW 109, RW 130-131.
    • Free: This habitat makes a business of buying up Martian indentures with the promise of a new morph, enslaving those who fail to meet their approval. References: RW 130-131.
  • Triton: The largest of Neptune’s moons orbits in retrograde, indicating it’s probably a captured KBO. References: EP 109, RW 129-130.
    • Afrik: This habitat is filled with artificial wilderness and animals, home to mercurials looking for a more natural setting. References: RW 129-130

Neptunian Trojans

If Neptune is remote, the planet’s trailing and leading asteroids are the edge of nowhere. References: EP 109

  • Hawking: This joint hypercorp venture is researching highly experimental propulsion systems. References: 131-132.
  • Ilmarinen: This habitat has developed without worrying too much about pressure or temperature, living as much in vacuum as they can while pursuing scientific experiments. References: EP 108-109, RW 132-133.


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