Near-Earth Asteroids


Orbit entirely inside Earth’s orbit.

  • Atira: Formerly a drug manufacturing plant, the habitat is now a den for drug-runners. References: SW 132.


Mostly inside Earth’s orbit.

  • Horeb: A haven for a die-hard orthodox Jewish population, staying away from the rest of the solar system by choice. References: SW 133.
  • P/2019: An extinct comet with possible TITAN infection. References: SW 137.


Orbits around 1 AU, highly eccentric.

  • Condor-2: This mysterious station seems designed for communications relay and deep space observation. References: SW 133.
  • Geographos/Synapscape: This former mining concern is publicly owned by a small hypercorp called Educare, really a front company for Cognite. References: SW 133.
  • Sisyphus: This mining operation was entirely given over to automated AGIs and refuses entry to any ships. References: 134.


Similar orbit to Earth, low eccentricity.

  • The Summit: The private meeting place of a special interest group called Triplanetary Comission. References: SW 134-135.


Orbit between Earth and Mars.

  • Eros: A private military contractor seized control of this beehive, now operating as a totalitarian mining operation. References: SW 133.
  • Impian: Home to a number of innovative companies dealing in software and simulspace. References: SW 133-134.
  • Lonely Mountain: A tapped-out mining concern, now the private hab of a reclusive CEO. References: SW 134.
  • Phaeton: Home to a splinter cult of Techno-Creationists also attempting to create and join a massive AI. References: SW 134.

Near-Earth Asteroids

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