Dominated by the Jovian Republic, this planetary system has a large number of unique worlds bathed in radiation and bristling with incendiary politics. References: EP 97-102, RW 32-51
Jupiter’s Moons

  • Amalthea (Solano): The nicest of the Reagan cylinders and home to numerous defence contractors. References: EP 98, RW 46
  • Io: A blasted world used for animatter production, specialized research, and penal colonies. References: EP 99, RW 47
  • Europa: An independently-minded water world of research, mining, and innovation, with considerable autonomy from the Jovian authorities. References: EP 99, RW 48-51
    • Conamara Chaos: The largest surface facility on Europa and it’s primary space elevator. References: RW 50-51.
    • Pwyll: Another space elevator used to connect supplies to fractally-branching tunnels under the ice surface. References: RW 51
  • Ganymede: The largest and most heavily-colonized of Jupiter’s moons. References: EP 99-100, RW 46-47
    • The Castle: A heavily-guarded fortress that serves as the central hub for Security Council Intelligence. References: RW 46.
    • Holy See: The seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the New Vatican. References: RW 47.
    • Liberty: Split between Liberty City on the surface and Liberty Station in synchronous orbit, this is a major settlement for the Jovians. References: RW 46.
  • Callisto: A significantly-cratered moon full of subterranean city-states. References: EP 99-100, RW 47-48
    • GerĂ°r: A prosperous mining settlement and a model protectorate state of the Jovians. References: RW 48.
    • Hyoden: The largest settlement on Callisto and very resistant to Jovian influence. References: RW 47.

The Court of Zeus:

  • Aoede: This strange moonlet is restricted by the Jovian Republic because of the mysterious signals it transmits. References: RW 51.
  • Aitne, Kale, and Taygete: The three moonlets of the Carme group make up a microcommonwealth independent of the Jovians. References: RW 51.
  • Callirrhoe: A newly-created colony of politically conservative refugees from Callisto and Europa. References: RW 51.
  • Carpo: This colony hosts a simulspace running an alternate historical setting of 1800s America with transhuman ethics. References: RW 51.
  • Euanthe: Nominally independent from the Jovians, this colony maintains its semi-freedom by acting as a toll-collecting station for the Republic. References: RW 51.
  • Helike: This Reagan cylinder has been abandoned since the Fall, when a number of officials fled here just before it was catastrophically decompressed. References: RW 51.

Jovian Trojans and Greeks

References: EP 101-102, RW 54-65

  • C Squat: A former Extropian mining operation, now forcibly occupied by Autonomist squatters. References: RW 62-63
  • Casa Arturo: A small Nuestro shell inhabited by anarchist rocket design enthusiasts. References: RW 63, GL 11.
  • Catal Hayuk: Within this O’Neill cylinder, transhumans live in an ongoing social experiment recreating neolithic human life. References: RW 63.
  • Exarchia: An autonomist hab with a significant population working on programming privacy and anti-censorship tools. References: RW 63
  • Intruder: A floating statue of unknown origins with the word “intruder” written in dozens of languages and alphabets. References:RW 63
  • Locus: The largest cluster hab in existence, this station is a ideological hub for Autonomists. References: EP 101, RW 58-62, GL 5-11.
  • Lot 49: A transport hub in the Greeks where ships and gossip can be found. References:EP 102, RW 63
  • Respect: A colony of sapient uplifts and their human allies. References: RW 63-64
  • Turing: A ruined colony founded by AGI refugees from the Inner System, nuked in AF 2. References: RW 64
  • Winter: Transhumans in this habitat are attempting to live in a society completely free from gender. References: RW 64


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