A broken and diseased world after the Fall, many still wonder if there are survivors on Earth and if the TITANs are truly gone. References: EP 90-91, SW 48-69

Earth Orbit

References: SW 62-75

  • Blackrock: A derelict station abandoned during the Fall filled with radiation. References: SW 74.
  • Elegua: A controversial TerraGenesis habitat seemingly studying Earth for purposes unknown. References: SW 70-71.
  • Elysian Fields: This unusual brinker colony is filled with those who believe death is an important part of the transhuman experience, eventually submitting to death. References: SW 137.
  • The Flytrap: This resort station was digitally invaded during the Fall and abandoned. Subsequent attempts to clear it have failed and the hab continues to fester in orbit. References: SW 74.
  • Fresh Kills: A scum barge, heavily-armed and looking for salvage, at the Earth-Luna L5 point. References: EP 91, SW 71.
  • Hexagon: The most impressively-armed habitat in the Inner System, this six-sided torus hab is the central facility for Direct Action. References: SW 71-72.
  • Hotel California: Once a mining operation, this asteroid beehive was claimed by squatters during the Fall that no one has been able to oust yet. References: SW 72-73.
  • Paradise: A resort for the ultra-rich, ruined during the fall but now reclaimed as a meeting point for the hypercorps. References: EP 91, SW 73.
  • Remembrance: This O’Neill cylinder is the largest habitat near Earth and the political capitol of the LLA. Remembrance: SW 73.
  • Shenlong: Originally a heavily-armed habitat of the Chinese government was infested by TITANs during the Fall, but it’s still-active armaments have prevented its destruction so far. References: SW 75.
  • Vo Nguyen: Center of the reclaimer movement, monitoring Earth for threats and making plans for returning. References: EP 91, SW 73.


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